a few years ago, i was very depressed. i didn't want to talk to anyone about it, i didn't want to find any way to sort it. i couldn't face the judgement and sorrowed looks on everyone's faces. i didn't want to become the 'freak'. so i just did it quietly, including self harm and a few attempts at suicide. but, after that i met a boy. i know, it's so corny. but i did, and he made me happy. all of a sudden, i didn't feel those feelings anymore, and everything was perfect in my life. about 6 months later, he had an affair and by that i mean he began a new relationship with someone else for about 6 weeks. i found out, we argued, but i decided to forgive him. he genuinely seemed like he was sorry. so i gave him a second chance. we went on to have an even better relationship than before, i was so happy. now, 2 years down the line it has happened again, he has had another affair, only this time he also says that he doesn't think he is in love with me anymore. all i want to do is end everything. he really was the only thing that made me happy, and i don't know how to become a happy person anymore. all i want is to be happy, but i don't know how. i have the feelings of self harm and suicide again but, i don't want to endulge them, i think there must be another way. but so far, nothing has been presented with such luck.

any suggestions?
ihaulfuk ihaulfuk
1 Response Jan 6, 2013

Cheaters usually don't change. Take this time to find what makes you happy without relying on anyone. It really is an inside job. Otherwise your happiness will depend on other people which unfortunately is unreliable . Find a hobby, join a group with people who have similar interests. Learn to play an instrument. Journal. You are not what you think, you are what you do. Learn to esteem yourself then no one can take that away from you. Happy people attract happy people. Be the person you would want to date.