I Need To Talk To Someone Similar Right Now.

I just turned 14, and I am very depressed. I am having trouble with my parents and my life and I don't know and other way to fix this besides suicide. My parents are the main cause of my depression. They always nag me to go outside and exercise/get my heartrate up for 45 minutes everyday. They constantly push me over the edge but I always hide it from them. I'm not overweight at all. I'm 5,7 and 125 pounds. Im sorta skinny but i have pretty strong arms so i don't see why my parents are so uptight about this exercise ****. If I don't exercise for 1 day, my parents will go off on me and say that I will lose all my stuff and that if I don't do a sport this year, I won't get into the college I want. This just gives me so much stress. I just turned 14 and they're already talking about college. I need someone to talk to right now. I really shouldnt be thinking about suicide when im only 14. I dont know how to fix this besides suicide. And im not going to go on for 4 more years until im independent.

someone talk to me :(

This is very hard to say. And I hope none of you judge me for it or think its stupid because it's what i love doing
One of the reasons my parents keep pushing this exercise stuff is because I play video games and post them on YouTube(DONT JUDGE ME). It used to be a hobby, but then i bought a capture card and starting posting to YouTube and making money from it. Ever since I've had an xbox, mostly my dad has always accused all of the bad things in my life to be connected with video games. Every day when he comes home from work, he asks me if I had exercised and how long I've been on the computer/xbox. THis really ****** me off because a normal person would ask how my day was and pretend like they cared. I feel like all they care about is my grades, how long i've been on xbox, and if i got exercise. I feel like they just do stuff to get me off xbox which is completely unreasonable because I'm only on for and hour or two per day. For most people this is alot, but I'm on winter vacation. On a school day, its probably like at most an hour per day.
I don't know what else to say. There is so much more but i can't think of it. 
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hey!! what's up that someone would be mee!! dude i love to play videogames to and i would post more videos on youtube if my games would't drop like 20 fps lol well about your problem don't be all down get a skateboard and if they don't consider that exercise then skate and show them just how much you sweat lol or get on a bike and ride it. i'm really someone you can talk to and it seems we're some what alike xD msg me

Na don't take that last comment seriously brother it's just a joke, besides your not old enough to drink, my advise really is to trust in God through Jesus Christ our Lord, he loves you and is there for you, just pray and hange in there homie.

My advise to you is to start drinking heavily.

I agree that talking to your parents and telling them how you feel is best.
Don't be angry, be yourself. You have too much to live for. My God, four
years will go by quicker than you think, then you can do as you please.

Maybe you should tell your parents how you feel, tell them that you're depressed, and that their talking about exercises doesn't help but make things worse. After all they try to push you to exercise for your own good (so they think), they've no idea that they're causing you pain. Tell them... I hope they can understand. And if they don't ...that's really hard (been there), but don't give up. It WILL get better, I promise you.

Hey. It just means your parents love you and want you to be healthy. I mean like, Im 13 and Im depressed. My mum use to hit me, my older sister would beat me up when i was little because I 'annoyed' ? her. She still hits me but not as much because Ive gotten stronger. Talk this with your parents and hopefully things will get better.. Im sorry Im not really good at writting speeches. So um yh x

exercise is good for you, and it will help battle depression, but its up to you. I ran away from home, I had a worse situation. Parents hit me, brother hit me, I was basically bullied at home. I have been to the hospital because of them, bruised, with a concussion, weak, losing weight, but I still love them and forgive them no matter what!!!I found peace at school, and online. Then one night it went too far, they kicked me out, and I left! It has been one year now. they now know what they did wrong, and they regret it, but I cant go back. I feel to safe where I am now, and I fell in love. But theres something you should know. I am nothing without them. I am more depressed than ever, and I would do anything to hear my mom yell at me one more time. I miss her that much. appreciate your parents, believe me, they want you to be the best!!! They dont mean anything. They are much older than you, and maybe they have some regrest about things they have done wrong in the past, or things they wish they had done. Maybe they are saving you from years of regret in the future. i would listen to them. they are your parents, not your enemies.

If your suffering from depression then getting yourself out of the house will help you, the only time you'll feel like doing this is when you decide you've had enough and want to get better!!.. I'm 21 and suffering from depression because of my parents, I cut myself and try to overdose but I've realised that if I do take my own life who'd I'd be leaving wind, how'd they feel!!.. Your 14 kid, try and enjoy your life one day at a time.. O the doctors and explain all of this to them they'll help you get back on trek I promise..

I know where your coming from, but trust me suicide may seem like the only way out but it's not. You are only 14 and your waaay to young to even know the word suicide! Private message me if you want to talk some more, I'm here foryou

You should not be depressed! Tell them, in as nice tone you can, that you can´t handle the stress right now. Tell them that you are just a kid and that thinking about collage already will cloud the possibilitys of your youth.
I know being a teenager is a *****. And nagging parents is one of the worst thing in the world right now. But I assure you, It will get better and your parents surly only wants what´s best for you. But that doesn´t mean you can´t voice your opinions. Tell them how you feel, and be serious while doing it. Parents don´t like it when their children snap at them :) hope you do well!

I wish to god i could be 14 with the parents you described. My mother broke my tailbone beating me because I was becoming sexually attractive, not active. It's too long of a story to tell, but she also did several things to harm and manipulate me to make sure that I wasn't able to go to college. If I had too good of a day at school, she made sure to punish me for it. And even though I was a kid of the 90's, graduated in 04, I never had even one video game system. EVERYONE else did, even the kids on welfare. It's all about perspective. Your parents may be a little bit anal, but it sounds like they just want the best for you.

mine too :) maybe we are related!

Hi SomeoneHelpMePLZ,
I'm glad you are posting in here and getting responses from others. Of course, i'd like to leave some helpful comments.
Parents live and grow up in different generation than ours. They have different mindset and rule to us. They also have been through many difficult things in their life.
Hearing from your case, I do understand that you are unable to confide in them about your feelings. It is a hard thing to do, when our parents expect us to be mature and adult-like.

But in the contrary, you must be strong-willed. Your parents do care about you, in their way. They put up with you, so, I ask you to also put up with them. They are not perfect in many ways, just like you. They have good day, bad day, they have needs and wants.

Their needs and wants for you may not be your needs and wants. YOU must live to determine what your live will be like and needs and wants. They are doing this to push you.

Remember, overall.. live is about letting go. Be patient and compassionate. Show your parents you are interested in other things than playing video games. Parents secretly worry if you are going to be OK after they are gone :)

Be strong, OK? :D

Parents are supposed to have good intentions as a rule. But all are not the same.
In your case they are asking you to be like the others. I hope you try to help yourself in the process.
Try to help them to help you.

(NOTE: sorry for any typos...and SORRY THIS IS LONG! ROFL! )

I know where your coming from, about being "depressed."

The only thing i can say is....WAKE UP DUDE.

Do you not realize, your thinking about suicide because your parents want you to exercise?etc. In other words, have a good life? Id die for parents like that.
Their are people in this world right now as I post this, dying to HAVE parents. Dying to HAVE a house. Dying to have food and water, or even dying to go to school.

Im telling you right now, you are taking alot of things for granted. Right now, me and my family half to move and find a house within 10days. Our landlord never told us hes losing his house, and we found out he is, and that we half to move within 10days. I have a ferret and a dog iv had for a LONG time, and my parents cant find a house fast enough, so we might end up at a hotel. How do you think I FEEL? I might half to get rid of my dog I had for 5-6yrs, the dog I take on late night walks to clear my mind, the dog iv cried on before, the dog that puts a smile on my face when I need it the most... either way, I know ill be fine. If anything, we will stay at a hotel.

Your life is NOT bad from what it sounds like. At least your not me, on the edge of being "homeless" in a sense. I mean seriously, im gonna be in a hotel room with my parents, older brother, and little sister? haha dude, come on. You need to be HAPPY your parents care about your health, and about your education.

Im 15 and iv dropped out of school a WHILE ago. I regret it, and im gonna try to start homeschooling soon.... So be glad your not someone like me. Im gonna be starting my life a little late, but Its nothing I CANT fix.

I also have a Xbox 360, and I use to play ALOT more than you. I have like 26days on Black Ops. Id be up until like 9am on COD with buddies, id sleep ALL day,etc. There was once a time, when I DIDNT see daylight for DAYS. lol...Yeah, the only reason i stopped playing my 360 was because it got that disc reading problem.

ANYWAY- My point is...Your kinda "blind" right now, if you know what I mean?
You need to realize your life isnt really "Bad." Are you living on the streets? Are you starving? What the Hell, are you dying of thirst? No. You have power, internet, a house,etc.

Just take some time and sit down to think about it. Your under pressure, thats it.

I say this in like every comment I do...But....

You have ONE life, and your not gonna be coming back after your time is up with. So you need to live it, reach YOUR goals and dreams, and most of all, just be Happy living it. Life doesnt stop for you, nor wait for you.

I know no one really wants to tell their Parents how they feel, but just do it once.
Tell your parents you just like playing games and making videos for others to enjoy, and that you can still get exercise, and get your education done. Explain your stressed because they yell at you so often, when they should be supporting you. Remind them, this is YOUR life.

You should really remind them your not some "horrible" kid, or in a gang,etc. (hopefully your not.)

Well this is pretty long, so ill stop now. Just chill out. Iv felt how you felt before. Not for the same reasons, but I use to self harm and stuff like that.... I have parents that dont care about what I love to do, and rather buy my Brother a game. I love horses and want a career with them, So last year in september when I got to go riding for like 3hrs, I was happy beyond words. It was really the best day of my life, and ever since then I stopped cutting, and I just feel inspired and alot more happy.

One day, you'll look back on this time of your life because you wanted to do suicide, and you will LAUGH. Believe me, iv laughed before because I realized I wanted to do suicide for stupid reasons.
Like, your gonna die anyway. You dont know what happens afterwards, right? What if its worse than what you have now? Ever think how heart broken your family and friends will be? Or even a how heart broken a stranger would be when they see it on the news or in the paper? Just live your life, and LAUGH when it seems like its bad. By laughing, your not letting "life" win.

Now, I just wanna live life. Good OR bad, im gonna live it. I have big dreams, and one day I will get the oppourtunity to reach them. Your life is JUST starting, so is mine. We have alot of time to do what WE want, and become who WE want to be.
You may not realize it, but your life IS worth something. Your gonna go through life, and change many other lives, and you may NEVER even know it.

By asking this question, you changed mine a little more.

Good luck, and just try to chill out. Go play some xbox and pwn some noobs. haha

You'll be fine.

Please go to someone u can talk to. I have a 15 year old and she has the same feelings. If u can't talk to them write them a leered baby

nah im good.

When I signed up in this site, I was seeking for a reason to SURVIVE, a reason no to make suicide. It took a very long road... I didn't really found "the" reason to survive or anything, but I found I could make a step per day to take control of myself and decided I won't die in such a dishonnor when I lived in such a despair... So, you can make it, you can take control of yourself and try to forget - a little - you depression. It's a daily challenge! :)

If you are exercising everyday and playing video games then I do not see what the problem is. Tell them to stop worrying, tell em you got this. But you can't tell them you got this unless you actually got this. By "this" I mean never doubting, when you never doubt you don't want to end your life, because you are sure that your future is going to be bright no matter what, and I mean not matter what happens. Never doubting, that is strength!

wow that was deep. thanks

No problem, also, when you feel down, watch some comedy on youtube, or watch one of your favorite shows. I personally like One Piece - an anime. It is unfortunate that you cannot turn to your parents, they are supposed to be the 2 people you can turn to easily. Get some dreams too, if you have dreams, you have more to live for. The person with dreams never wants to die before he accomplishes his dreams.

you are good!

If you really want to talk-I'm willing to listen

There has to be something more than just forced exercise bothering you?


Tell us what they are :) The more we know, the more we will be able to help you!

ok check the post again

Technology can be addictive, and my parents do the same thing to me. Exercise daily is a fantastic idea, so don't be too hard on your parents! Suggest a compromise, perhaps 1.5 hrs per day on the computer/xbox, and only 30 minutes of exercise. I'd also suggest going to a psychologist to get to the root of your depression, because having to exercise doesn't seem like a legit reason to make you suicidal! Therapy can open you up to a lot of things that you aren't aware you're thinking or being affected by, and it's my number one recommendation to anyone suffering from depression :)

i guess its mostly coming from the fact that i feel like all my parents do is try to keep me away from my hobby. i dont really care about how long im on the computer or whatever, its just the fact that evey action my parents take leads to less of my hobby, whatever it be.

Do you have any other hobbies? The fact that you HAVE an xbox and a computer and games means they're not keeping you away from your hobby; they're just limiting the amount of time you spend on something (for a lack of a better word) useless. My parents didn't even let me get those sorts of things.
>< It's good to do something for fun - I have my "fun-but-not-productive-hobbies" too; so maybe instead of being forced to exercise, why don't you take up a sport? I'm not trying to be tough, but it really doesn't sound like they're doing anything that should make you want to kill yourself.

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why did i even make this...

Hi dont do it i know it seems like the way out but dont you can tell them you are gona go exercise with friends and then do something else if you talked to them will they understand????

It's alright. Life is hard especially when you're a teenager. Listen to me. You still have a lot to live for and I feel sad that you appear to be tired already. Talk to your parents. Tell them how you are feeling. Tell them you are hurting.

thanks but I've done that before, but they won't listen to me. All they will do is say that they are going to call doctor or whatever which just scares me even more because I don't want to feel like theres something wrong with me. Even though I know that im depressed and need someone to talk to.