I'm Depressed Because........of This

I made a mistake and I told the friend I trusted the most, and she got pissed at me and went and told everyone.....it got around the whole town....and then we became friends again..and then after that I had a pregnancy scare and I went to the hospital to get tested and I had her go with me because I didn't want to go alone and we were basically sisters so of course I trusted her...but I shouldn't have because once again after something that went around she got mad and went and told everyone.......and I kept getting asked if I was pregnant and everyone would look at me weird and talked about me behind my back and all I wanted to do was die....I thought about it a lot... I cried all the time....it got to the teachers and everything..My mom didn't know until a month later when she asked if something was wrong...I didn't know what to tell her...but then she found out...it still comes back to haunt me...and everyone still talks about it....I'm still thinking suicidal...I haven't told anyone but one of my friends that I trust the most...and that's not the friend I have been talking about...I don't know what I'm supposed to do...I don't want to talk to adults about it..But I don't want to committ suicide but it may be the only choice..help me someone??
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come talk with me.. do you have kik? im 14 and can relate with you..

i don't have a kik..

If you want to, you can add me on skype or msn??

im here for you, you can really tell me anything how you feel if you need a friend someone to be nice to you, i can be someone you can really trust and i'll always care for you. please dont think of suicide, it's not the answer. and i will never see you as less


Ano what you mean I'm 14 and a had a so called friend I end up trying to jump of a bridge but then realised u may wanto die but see if you just sit down and think of everyone u have around such as family who love u so much ect

Yeah I agree