You Are Not Alone I'm Here For You Talk To Me Let Me Know If You Need A Friend

hello if you feel depressed and so down (i've been there before such a lonely dark place which i hated) i can be your friend i wont judge you i wont make fun of you for being the way you are. i can help all ages but since i'm 18 i guess ages of 30+ and i aren't really going to share problems but you are still more than welcome to tell me how you feel and want to talk to a friend
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2 Responses Jan 11, 2013

i could use someone to talk to.. do u have kik or something? or f.b or twitter.? or anything?

hi there, i use skype so msg me for it

It's okay your not alone I'm going through hard times to

well if you want a friend to talk to you can sure tell me anything

Thanks I like u what's your name how old are u where r u from

my name is guillermo friends call me moe and or memo xD im 18 i'll send you a prive msg maybe we can be friends

Yeah you don't mind that I'm 9?

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