Lying, Hurting, Breaking,..

Hey.. So im 14 years old. i moved to the netherlands to my dad, because my mom couldnt take care of me... ive been having alot of mental problems lately.. lately ive been lying alot, and cutting, and i had been gossiping to people about my step mom behind her back, and ive lyed to her alot and its almost like i cant do anything about it... when i shower, i carve words into my leg... i just need someone to talk to because at this moment, i have no one to talk to because of what ive done....
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2 Responses Jan 15, 2013

Self-harm is serious. If your family loves you, then they should be more concerned for you than angry at you. Talk to your doctor, and think about counselling.

At least you are aware of what you are doing as far as lying etc. You really do need someone to talk to. You have to stop cutting, and hurting yourself. Is there someone at school such as a teacher of counselor you can speak to? They will be happy to help you. Please try and speak to your father and explain what is going on with you. You can always apologize to your step mother. Tell him you need help with your problems.