i just want to die.... life is too stressful for me... everything is hard and i cant controle what i say or do and everyone hates me.. i feel like everyone is ganging up on me... i just want to die.... why cant i be normal?! FUCKCKCKKKK!
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2 Responses Jan 15, 2013

I am a stranger over the internet. But I care about you. I really want you to have a good life, from the bottom of my heart.

Hi there, life can be hard sometimes, especially when you don't feel normal. I don't know you but please believe me when I tell you that we all connected.......everyone of us is connected to each other. I have a lot of issues with anxiety, myself, so I think I have experienced some of the issues you might be going thru now. No matter what you think, please know that you are important in this world...yes, you!!!