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I moved away with hubby and 2 kids after being on his parents farm all his life working for them. It was awesome to get away. Made great friends. Kids had an awesome school. We had a great family life. Moved back 8 months ago just before bub 3 Arrived and I hate it here. Really really hate it. His parents treat me like ****. The school is crap I have no friends. My family are closer yes. But they use me to dup their kids here in the holidays. Plus I am milking full time. Yes with a baby. Who goes to his mums and when I pick them up she tells me I am raising them wrong. Plus on top of all of that we have not been paid anything for 4 months!!! I have no idea how I am buying formulae this month as I am so stressed I can't feed bub now. Yet the mother in law who isment to pay us has money to drink a slab a day minimum and buy whatever she wants. I hate my life so much. Have told hubby a couple times and he has done nothjng
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Have a giant hug.
To look after your family, sometimes you have to look after yourself first. Don't be afraid to seek treatment, or even just someone outside the situation to talk to, if you need to.
I'm afraid I'm to young and inexperienced to give you advice about how to solve these problems... but stay hopeful, and talk to your husband.