My Life Is A Lie.

I feel dumb. Simply because I read most of the teenage problems going on around here and it seems that you guys are really have a difficult time.


I just feel depressed.

Just in general, I don't know what my problem but I cannot focus entirely.

I just want to go in a blink of an eye but feel nothing.

Maybe because I feel I have no friends or family.

I guess this is the life when I grow myself independently and show that I can be best at somethings.

My life is a lie.
adans17 adans17
22-25, M
3 Responses Jan 21, 2013

Honestly, there's a lot of pressure on young people to do it 'right' and get themselves set up for the rest of their lives.
Talk to your doctor about depression, and talk to your loved ones about how you feel.

well, you are still young. so take comfort in that you have a lot of time left for your fortunes to change, it could happen next week, or tomorrow. also, don't think too much. thinking and dwelling is bad. i used to over think about myself, and my life but i just stopped thinking about it. i'm not sure if you have a job, but having something to fill your day helps as well. also, obviously you get to meet people. a hobby could apply as well. something you are interested in doing.

That exactly how I feel right now , I feel like I'm not exist and full of life like I was before. I started to realize this couple yrs ago but still don't know what to do . As Iost confident no close friend family live another country my life is around my partner. Seem like all career decision I made I depend in him ( not his false as I like to pleases him) but seem like I always ending up as a looser never succeed or finished any things I started and he s like to reminded of that . It just so much I don't know what write as it struck in my cheste )