Gay Guy Looking For Moc i am a gay guy from well off and well educated family. i study in uk and i am looking for a marriage of convenience(moc) and it does'nt matter if the girl is lesbian or straight or bisexual. i am ready and able to support the girl financially after marriage and give her respect and love and we could be best friends. i dont mind if she has a girl friend or she is single i will give her enough liberty and space and i expect the same from her because i want both of us to be a happy couple:) we both can relocate to any location if needed or if any of us want so....I am doing this for the happiness of my family and more importantly to maintain my family's honor in the community. It is imperative that the girl also abides by the same values and keep my family's honor as well as her family's honor intact. email me at or add me on skype my skype id is studgr8
studgr8 studgr8
26-30, M
Dec 15, 2013