Just Cant Go On Need Help

I am so depressed about life in general, i am disabled have applied for ssi turned down, applied for work comp turned down ( hearing in 2 months ) 1700 miles away, i lost my car behind on my bank account have sought employment can not find any work applied for social services not eligible no children at home i am close to not being able to pay my space rent i only eat every 2-3 days mostly bread thats all i can come up with my wife also disabled part time work not enough to pay the bills i have a federal law suit in process but that reqs a $ 500.00 filling fee but i could be worth in exess of 7 figures when it is all said and done but no help yet i couldn't not even afford the bullet no insurance to take care of my wife financially i just dont know what to do does anyone have a possitive out look on my situ

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I would keep fighting to get the money and recharge your batteries by going to Youtube and search for "How to stop worrying and start living" by Carnegie and listen to the 9 audios. I guarantee they will change your life drastically. Disc 1 is here /watch?v=sMtMru3uS-o (put the youtube address before it). The fun might start on Disc 2 but I strongly suggest you listen to the first disc too.

DON'T GIVE UP! Find an attorney who specializes in SS and disability. They will take your case on with an amount determined that they will take from each pmt if they win your case. You have nothing to loose and the possibility to gain. File for welfare! You are granted the first amount of cash and food stamps as an emergency. I had to utilize the system once while awaiting my unemployment. I received $600 for food the same day I apllied. You will need documentation of your bills, income, etc... It's there for those who truly need help!

I am so sorry. You are strong

this link contains the archives...choose which year and which true story


Hi, just wanted to affirm tim51's reply. This is an area I know well as I have helped many of my patients obtain disability. Yes, you almost always get turned down at first. In NC, this is when you look for a lawyer who specializes in disability. They actually won't take your case until you've been turned down. If they do take it, then they feel pretty sure they can win, since they work on a contingency basis.
Good luck to you, and please hang on...

I feel where u are coming from u are not alone just keep fighting

Are you aware that all SSI applications (yes ALL) are routinely turned down on the first try? It takes a couple attempts to get a hearing because they figure that if they turn people down they'll probably find some other way of coping. There are SSI negotiators who can help push it through. their fee comes from your first payment which is paid retroactively to the date of your first application. This happened to me. I got a lawyer to help and six months later got a lump sum payment equal to 2 years of SSI payments (in excess of 20,000) the lawyers fee was easily paid and I then received regular monthly payments. Don't give up after the first turn-down. You deserve this if anyone ever did!