I am 29 yrs old, married for 13 yrs, 2 daughters. I'm happy with my life in that area.

My mother never really acted like a mother to me and she was abusive mentally and physically. She fell in love with a man and moved to North Carolina. Leaving Me at age 16 (I was married and just had a baby, we lived on our own), my sister age 13, and my brother age 9. My mother left for NC and left my brother and sister with our alcoholic father. I ended up taking both of them a few months later to care for them because they hated living with our dad. Three yrs later my sister moved in with her boyfriend. I continued caring for my brother for 14 yrs. I received no money from mom or dad.

Thirteen yrs later she returns to VA, after leaving her husband. She moved in with me and my family. Thirty days later her husband died. He was in the national guards and had been in Iraq. Any way with life insurance policies it left my mom almost $1 million. YEH.. Well she ended up buying a big house that me and my family, my sister, and my brother, and herself could move into. Bad idea right?? But I thought wow this is an opportunity to  save some money and buy my own house. Three months later my husband was laid off from work.

Things have really went down hill since we moved in to that house. My mom buys everything for my brother and sister. They don't have to pay any utilities or buy groceries. She even bought them a used car. I'm dealing with that the best I can. But what I can't deal with to well is the way that she treats me. It's not a good situation. There is so much more but I don't want to over whelm any one.

The main thing is having someone to talk to before I go crazy. And I can't just move because my husband was laid off.


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Thats the beauty of EP. You CAN'T overwhelm anyone because relief is a click away. You really haven't fleshed out what the problem is. or how you feel. Pour out your heart and you might get some useful feedback.

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