Why Do People Not Even Like Me?

Is it me, or do I just meet the wrong people?
I'll try to put it into brief words.
All this time I had been thinking that the problem was with my looks.
Well, it's not. I can even post pictures for you, just ask!
But it's like this: people see you, scrutinize you and then decide if they want to talk to you. Your personality comes NEXT, right?
When I told my dad about it, he wouldn't even listen to me. All he said is that I need to change and quit being arrogant (I am not, I just tend to talk in a way my peers aren't very much used to).
I was at the beach with 2 friends of mine, when 3 boys they know approached us. I took part in their volleyball game. My friends didn't introduce me to these new strangers, but here's what happened. One of the girls pointed at one of the boys and told me: "You should keep the ball away from him!" And then he played offended: "'Him' has a name you know!" And I was like: "What is it then?" I was NEVER replied to. So I gave up and just left the 5 of them play without me and went swimming 100 m away from them.

These boys don't know me at all. They didn't even ask for my name. Why the hell was it like that? What could be wrong? I thought looks was crucial for the first sight?
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i agree with minniemouse; some people just didn't have any home training. don't let it get the best of you, they're the ones with the problem.

Thank you, guys. =) You're absolutely right.

I am much older than you but I do remember frequently having the same experience as you. I think that some people even if they are not physically unattractive, just somehow turn off other people by some kind of inexplicable vibration that says...I don't have anything in common with you. Don't let it get you down.

Thanks, you two.<br />
Once I asked my dad how to acquaint myself with people, and he told me: "Wait until you're introduced to them by a third party."<br />
But I guess that's not always the right thing to do.<br />
Still, I find it very weird to just go to some person and start off with: "Hi, I'm John (for example), nice to meet you."

it happens a lot to me also. people have the tendency to suck majorly dont be so hard on yourself.

Some people are lacking in social skills. I have found that things like this happen to me also, I put it down to people's bad upbringings. Perhaps I'm being a bit arrogant, I don't know, but I do think some people are never shown how to react around others. I mean, isn't it just common sense and basic good manners to introduce people? Your friends should have done that - it's a small thing but it sets up the whole situation you know?