Lonesome Loner

I feel so stuck. I have a loving fiance of 3 years, I live near my (unbroken) family, and get along with them. I would even go so far as to consider all of these people my friends. The problem? These are the only people I've spent meaningful time with in the last 2 years.

You see, I recently moved from Northern California back to the state of my birth (TN). All of my friends from high school are 2500 mi away from me, and leading their own lives. I work at a preschool where I really enjoy my daily interaction with the children, but my interactions with coworkers are lacking. I try to invite people out to do things but very rarely does anyone take me up on an invite.

Maybe it's because my fiance drives me everywhere (you know, maybe people don't want to bring their significant others on an outing with a casual acquaintance). Maybe it's because I won't invite people to my house (it's a disaster in the middle of a slow renovation, with the previous owners garbage strewn about and almost no restroom to speak of). Hell, maybe it's because I have bad breath or B.O. or something (no, not really).

I think the real reason is that I don't agree with anyone I've met in this god-forsaken state about politics, religion, or social rules. It's not that I'm particularly outspoken about these things... but everyone else is.

I like to spend time alone. I like to read, and draw, and garden. I just don't like to be lonely.

The worst part? I'm starting to feel like it really is my fault.
CBat CBat
Jul 27, 2010