You Want Depressed?

Well here's a run down of what has happened in my life

6 years old: My auntie and uncle died within a week of each other leaving me with emotional disorders e.g. separation anxiety, almost constant depression

8 years old: the emotional disorders seem to make people want to avoid me plunging me into more loneliness

10 years old: 3 of my best friends move away

14 years old: There is a girl who I loved (yes...real love) whom rejected me and abandoned me and left me to waste away in the pitts of depression.

thelonewalker1 thelonewalker1
1 Response Aug 5, 2010

I'm sry you had such a tough life. But as they say when you fall, get up and dust yourself off. I lost my inspiration in life at a young age, she did everything she could to keep me happy while she was alive but when she died i lost my will to live. But i realized she never wanted me to be sad, she wanted me to live a long and happy life. So plz ..i know it's hard getting over depression but don't disappoint your Aunt and Uncle. And love at 14 is puppy love.. i'm sry but no it's not real love. Trust me, you'll know real love when you find it. Remember there are other fish in the sea. Also, i think you probably just needed love at the time, i guessed this because i feel the same way sometimes.