So Many Friends And Yet So Lonely....

have you ever feel lonely even though you have friends.
Well, there are many types of friends. Classmates, ex-classmate that you only contact via hand phone or e-mail or via online social networking.

I don't know how to describe my situation well, but I'll try my best.
When my friends(ex-classmate) and I went our separate way after finish study, I try to keep in touch with them by messaging them via hand phone. I don't know what I have did wrong, but there usually did not reply my message. I feel sad waiting for reply that never come. After a while, I stop trying to keep in touch with them. But sometime I do feel lonely and try to keep in touch with them again, but my heart still got broken from the unreply message. Sometime, they message back, and most of them said, long time didn't hear from you. miss you. Sometime I just wanna scream at them and tell them, if they miss me, why there is no reply and I'm the only one that try to keep in touch with them. Do they really speak from their heart. Now I have completely stop messaging them and stop wasting my money for them.

It also doesn't help with my Facebook or messanger. When I goes online, there is a very long list of friends, yet I still feel lonely. So many friends and yet nobody even say hello or hi. From ex-classmate or the current classmate. No on is even bother to talk to me when I'm online. and yet they keep having something to talk to each other and not me. I know it kind of pathetic, but that how I feel. I try to start conversation first, by asking how there are doing but it don't even aid my loneliness. I feel very lonely when I see the long list of friends. I try to reverse psychology my self by keep my self invisible when I'm online on messanger and facebook. I kinda think that if even I'm online, there is no one to talk to me, just be invisible, then no one will see me and they will never talk to me. I still like to be online to check my e-mail using messanger and playgames on facebook. Being invisible is the only way that I can keep peace in my heart. It is very sad to have so many friends but have no friends. Sometime I feel very depressed from this, and make me feel even lonelier.

I have no best friend. The person that close to me kinda of come and go, I have them for sometime and they are gone after a while. I don't know why this keep happening, I guess I'm not the kind of people that is fun to be with.
I don't know how many people will response to this story, I kinda have bad luck at people replying me.
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6 Responses Jun 23, 2011

I feel the same way :(

I understand what you feel ..<br />
I Felt the same way too .. <br />
It seems like you're not existed in this world ..<br />
My expectation in my life is to be INVISIBLE ..

I used to be just like you. Depressed because I felt lonely. I stems for wanting something from someone else. The truth is no one else can make you happy. They are not responsible for your happiness and your not responsible for yours. This is falsehood created by our society. the truth is you have everything you need within you already.<br />
<br />
If you want to know the secret its' very simple: Stop concentrating on what you don't have because that will only lead to disappointment and continue to bring you more of what you don't have. <br />
<br />
Your thought are like a magnet. They attract what your thinking about most of the time. So don't think: I don't want to be lonely, because then your thinking about being lonely, and that is what will be delivered. Instead think to yourself and tell yourself, your happy, having fun, and enjoying your life. Imagine yourself with the types of people you what to associate with. Picture friends calling you. Simply believe it will happen being careful not to put a time limit on it and it will come.<br />
<br />
You have a new friend already. the choice is yours.

you no longer feel lonely? busying myself with life help me a bit.

Being busy is helpful too. There are times not that I crave being alone, which is different then being lonely. Before I could be surround by people and still feel lonely. Enjoy life and have fun with it. It's what your here to do.

I'm a high school students. I chosed to leave my hometown studying in a larger city. I go home several times one year and keep in touch with my trusted friends staying there. But when I was alone in my studying school. I always feel distance between my classmates. It seems that I'm very outgoing but actually I'm always lonely. old friends always reply my messages but I can not spend all time sending messages so I become blue

damn, they are doing it again. ignoring me even though I try to be in the conversation

I kinda understand what you mean. Just like you, my close friends come and go, but don't feel depressed about that. I'm sure there are some friends who really do care about you. :) And you can talk to me anytime, I will be here :)

I don't know whether I feel depressed having no close friend, but the latest one, did something that broke my heart.