Lonely And Depressed

I'm lonely and depressed. Boring, lonely job and boring, lonely life. Thought life would turn out better than this.
Stevieo2008 Stevieo2008
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9 Responses Jan 6, 2012

You are not alone...I get up, feed the dog, drive to work, drive home, walk the dog, feed the dog, watch TV or read a book & go to bed...all in silence (except while working and ocassionally talking to family members who basically want to vent), and sometimes I just want to scream! But at least looking at this site I know now its not that uncommon. Hang in there! :)

What do you find exciting?

Meeting people. Used to enjoy spending time with friends when I had some.

didnt we all

hi do you want to chat

Yes. Why not?

Im aloune to, Sadnes and books.

Sorry. Got to change my life but don't know how ...

Thanks for your comments people. I appreciate you trying to help!

You should find someone to talk to, but find someone who will listen, someone who will care. It doesn't have to be this way.

Thanks. I appreciate your concern.

No problem. I deal with depression myself.

So bad life is like dat smtimes, me too. Am lonely: write my email so we can talk better(kulins77@yahoo.com

Thank you for your comment theadora. If I apprecieate anything, I apprecieate the past when I used to have friends and acquaintences. I don't believe I've ever been as lonely and depressed as now.