No One Understands

i feel like no one understands me. it's hard for me to make friends, even if i tried. i haven't always been this awkward, it has gradually increased throughout the years, and now i have only one close friend that i can talk to. i feel like everyone is against me. i know not that many people are accepting out there, but i'm also a closeted lesbian, and the problem is that i'm completely in love with the only person i'm able to talk to. she doesn't know that i'm a lesbian, but i'm scared that if i tell her, i will lose her and my life will just fall apart. right now, we go to different schools that are 7 hours away from each other and i feel so lonely here. i don't know what to do so i've packed my schedule with a lot of classes so that i would be distracted, but i still feel depressed and lonely..
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1 Response Jan 10, 2012

I'm in the exact same position as you, it's hard to come out, you don't know who to tell and what to say. you don't want your friends and family judging you because of your sexuality, especially if you know their views on lesbians and bi's etc..<br />
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If you really love this girl then instead of telling her straight away maybe you should sort of drop hints, like in a conversation if the subject arises perhaps say something like 'oh would you ever go out with a girl' or something.. Or if your watching a film together which has a lesbian scene in it like Black Swan for example, ask her if she'd ever have sex with a girl or what her views are? <br />
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You never know she might feel exactly the same as you about you but is too scared to admit it, it's all about communication. That's the key thing here! <br />
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Lucky for you you're able to tell the person you love how you feel, i'm in love with my dance teacher and i can't exactly break that to her :/ <br />
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So i wish you the best of luck if you haven't told her already and if you wanna talk just message me :)

aww thank you :) i haven't told her yet.. I'm waiting for the right time, because we go to school's that are 7 hours away from each other :/