Never Invited Anywhere

I have always had good connections with my friends. Lately, though, my friends have been leaving me out. When I went to elementary school I made a few very good friends. These friends went to a different private school than me. I went to another private high school and made a couple good friends there too. No where near the friendships I formed at elementary school though. After two years at private school, and realizing my parents couldn't afford it, I switched to public school. I like it just as much and have made some really good friends here. I am in the second semester of my senior year and am pretty satisfied with my hgh school experience in general. Now my problem.

So two weekends ago one of my elementary school friends had a bunch of people come down and hang out at his house. I didn't hear anything about it until, Monday when one of my friends asked me why I didn't go. I didn't hear anything about it!!! My old friends and new friends hanging out, and I wasn't even invited. So, the next Friday, I spend the afternoon with my elementary friends, watching a pro golf tournament. We had a good time and I thought we had some good flowing coversations (something I struggle with sometimes). But then he told me about the fun time they all had (my old and new friends) and I had to awkwardly explain that I didn't even get a text from anyone. I made him reassure me that he would let me know if we could do something either the next day, Saturday, or Sunday. He says maybe we can hang out on Saturday night.

So I eagerly text him the next morning reminding him that we should definitely chill but he tells me he's gonna be busy. Okay, whatever, I mean I still like just relaxing by myself on Saturday evenings. But on Monday, my friend is like dude where where you on Saturday night.

Turns out some of my closest friends from elementary school, some of the best friends I've made at public school, and even a couple of my buddies from the private school I left all chilled with each other while I sat around at home. It's like a Venn Diagram of all the people I've become friends with- but I wasn't even invited. I feel really sad knowing they all have been hanging out with each other and I haven't gone. Not even a text. Even when I told my friend to tell me whats going on. Not a word from him. I feel lonely. I am depressed that no one wants to hang out with me, no matter how hard I try.
yh3e yh3e
Feb 1, 2012