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Fresh Start Is Bring Me Down

So Ive left the world I've spent the last 15 years creating for myself, all my friends were at this club, it was were I socialised and this sport had priority over everything but I lost the love for the game and decided to leave this club. I finished with my girlfriend after 4 years a few weeks before I made this decision so I feel like I have stepped into a new world for myself but im finding it quite lonely. I'm trying to make new friends through my other hobbies and create new social groups for myself but I don't seen to be getting anywhere and I don't know why. It would be nice to have some friends to hangout with during the week or talk to but I don't here from any of them. I feel like a pest most of the time when I try talking to them as its always me who starts things off. Having split with my girlfriend I lost the person I was closest to which i am finding the hardest. It was exciting at first, felt like I was starting a new life but 6 months later and all I feel is lonely and it is really starting to bring me down. I'm a nice guy and would do anything for anyone but I'm not the most confident. I don't want to go back to the ways things were where everything revolved around this hobby but I didn't think it was going to be this hard.
ginermaterial ginermaterial 22-25 Mar 4, 2012

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