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Lonely.and Sad. People Hate Me So Much.

Hi. I am a 19 years old boy. My childhood was horrible. I always saw problems in my family like my cousin hating me and my family and there was also a financial problem. I never had  a good childhood. In my life i have 4 friends only. During school time i had quiet lot of friends but they ignore me because I am not that popular. I dont know why but many say i am boring. I have nothing in my life. But my education qualification is good. I got good result in my Alevel .I am still waiting to get enrolled in an university, But i always feel lonely. I never see anyone coming to my house. Everyday i sit on a chair and watch tv. But i am born with some good qualification. I love to help people. Whenever someone needs help i rush to the scene and help them. Last winter the cold was jeopardizing human health. I by myself knocked on all the door of my society and collected cloths for them . I save their life. I even used to help my x friends. But they became friends only to get my school notes and to help them pass their exam. Otherwise they dont consider me friend. I am frustrated with this life. I wanna be sweet but people for some reason ignore me. I hate it. I need some female friends who will talk with irrespective of my boringness. Is there any friend out there?
knightangels knightangels 18-21, M 7 Responses Apr 18, 2012

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You have many good things about you which unfortunately are not valued as they should be in this world,but that does not detract from their value.Im an outcast from society,but Im happy on this,because Ive come to realise just what society and its opinions are worth,and the truth is for you to fit with it would require you to leave behind the very things which alienate you from it.So this time of your life is a stressful and testing one,by design,not accident.Many choose to conform to gain acceptance,but to what?A hive mentality,in which staying within the bounderies is promoted as all important to being "the right type".You have something which you mentioned in one of your replies earlier,in which you mention how you wish happiness to all,even those who abuse you,and that is priceless and admirable.Its your decision,and is one everyone of us faces in life,will you be who society requires,which is not beneficial to yourself and others,or will you stand by your higher understanding of what it is to be human,as we were intended?There are others as yourself,look for them and they will arrive.Respect,and hold the line ka,you are NOT alone.

Hang in there. Sounds like something I could have written years ago, especially the contrast between what I put out to help/be friendly to friends versus what is given back. High school is a weird time when you don't really get the chance to be yourself...well, a lot of us don't. Too much stigma, cliques, weirdness between people. What they see as 'boring' is probably just you having a less common personality and style, maybe you're more introverted, etc...but trust me, the world is much vaster and wider than the oh so narrow vacuum of high school. I'm assured you'll meet more like-minded people as you get older and go through life. Whether in college, work, volunteering, etc...they ARE out there, ya gotta believe me. Just hang in there....the sun will come out eventually.

i wish i could join a university. I was suppose to go to canada , but my visa was rejected. Now i am looking for a university which will give me 100 scholarship. Things have gone worse. Now my parents r having financial problem. No body here to talk. All that 4 frnd also left me. Now i am just writing a movie. Thatz all i can.

I'm sorry to hear things are getting worse. I think it's great you're writing a movie and still choosing to be productive even amidst the loneliness/stress/rejection. I can't see into the future, but I can say please just hang in there, rough out this tough patch in the storm. It sounds like you're in a frustrating rut right now, but things change and eventually may look up for you. Hopefully you'll find a university to get in to, as well! I do think as you get older, you may find less shallow and self-absorbed people. They will definitely still be out there, too...but there will be more people willing to be open-hearted and less judgmental. Doesn't help the loneliness right now, though, I know. Hang in there

I'm alone in my flat, nobody comes to see me, I'm was very sad. My dad passed away for 1 year and 5 months ago. I had to look after my flat, some of them people hates me so much. I was feeling I'm going to died but too late.<br />
I had enough to say good bye.<br />
Thanks.<br />
Lee Mitchel Taylor.

I am sorry. I just saw ur msg. I am sorry to hear about ur dead. Please keep praying to God. I knw with God's help everything is gonna turn right.

Aww im soo sorry to hear that. At least you have something they dont; Good grades. Believe me your so called " friends " wont have a very good job (and life) if they had to get notes from you :)

listen whatever they are, I will never curse them.
I dont want to see them unhappy. I want them to have a better life than i am having ...

Aw your sweet :)

how much people hurt me...i dont care.. i always wish them good luck dear...thanks

really ???....i am blushing


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I'm in the same boat. It definitely sucks having no one to talk to and just going through all the tough times on your own. Once you go off to school, things will change. College is a great way to meet cool new people, thats what I keep telling myself.

yah i knw . I believe in the same thing ...but its quiet tym left when i join uni

You sound like a wonderful, kind and caring person. I think once you get into university and try more and more new things you will feel better and you'll most certainly come across more likeminded individuals once you find something you really love! High school was hell for me, I didn't go to college, but once I found my way in the world, things definitely picked up for me, and I know they will for you too! Keep your head up!

thanks for the inspiration...i really lyk it

You're most welcome!

So many people felt feeling what you feel.<br />
you like to help others and that's really good.. try not to let some people drag you down by telling you you're boring or something like that.. <br />
Maybe you're shy or something try to open up a little bit.<br />
You're really a good person and keep your head high despite what others say..<br />
And keep helping other cause God will sent people to help you and bless you as well.

thanks for the comment....yes i am a shy too.,...but u knw what when i see even my best friends...i dont get anything to talk...even they say that there is nothing to discuss with u....i am very upset...i knw god is help me...but i need a friend now///...

I know i was just like you but you won't believe what i become! :)

what did u become ?

Someone so fun to be around.. I wasn't being notice now there's people i didn't knew or noticed them know me. Being absent is always noticeable now.

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