Lonely In Atlanta

Wondering why my depression is back and realized it is because I am alone in a large city. Know I am not the only one to feel this way. Just cant seem to find any enjoyment in anything. I go to work then home. On weekends I tend to stay in the house alone. I have pets and they do help. My family lives in North Carolina I in Georgia. Want to move home but afraid of not finding a job that I can support myself with. Tired of living like this but dont know how to change my life around. It seems so much easier to just hide in the house and eatvh life pass me by. Depressing isnt it. Just dont know how to snap out of it.
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Hey! I know EXACTLY how you feel. Atlanta isn't the most metropolitan place out there lol. But I moved from my home to Boston and I felt so alone. I still do. It sucks when you can't balance your loneliness at work/school with seeing your family later on. It's so hard to be motivated to do things, but is there a way you could volunteer somewhere, even just once a week? I know if I'm busy I'm not thinking about how sad I am. I love writing, so I try to do that, or just focus on homework. I know it sounds so easy, because I've had so many days where I feel like crap but have no motivation to do anything about it. What's helped me the most is rewarding myself, even if I feel like I don't deserve it. If I feel crappy, I just watch TV or a movie I love. It puts me in a much better mood.<br />
Hope at least a bit of this helped!!!! Take care.

Hi L. Atlanta. At the risk of sounding cliche, you're not alone. I tangle with the same feelings so obviously I'm no expert, but I think I know that moods like depression have a sort of inertia. As with inertia, it takes more effort to get a ball rolling while it's at rest. To me it feels like trying to give birth to a rhino when I've lost all momentum and I'm trying to get some movement. It hurts and seems pointless. I also can't precisely define happiness, though I know it's closely related to general progress.<br />
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Unfortunately there is no magic bullet. The good news is, that's helpful to know.<br />
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The world is beautiful, but our views of it get messed up, and yet we need people because we're social creatures. Find people who you want to rub off on you. I'm not sure exactly how to do this, but I can't help but figure you're most likely to run into them while you're in the pursuit of happiness. Say hi to people at the coffee shop in between flipping pages of a book. I was standing in line at Subway and blurted out "I'm looking for friends that also want to wake up smiling." It started a conversation with two people. It helped me. Small consistent investments of effort. It's a numbers game, so keep at it, and this in itself is momentum. Good moods have inertia too.<br />
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If there's any one tidbit in this that helps, I am glad. It's hard sometimes but I love people, so that means you too, whoever you are. Take care. *hug*