Not Today!

For so long I have been depressed and lonely but today I made a change! Today I got up, got dressed and went straight out the door. I got a new haircut by a lady who took the time to talk to me. Sure, I know they do this to help increase their tips but honestly, sometimes just the lightest amount of interest and listening is all it takes to change your mood.

The sun was out and the temp was pleasant. I put all the windows down, opened the sunroof and turned the radio up! I took the long route down the interstate to the store. I felt so good for a change! At the store I found I had lost enough weight to go a size down so I bought some new shirts and shorts. The cashier was in a great mood and it only served to make me feel even better. Upon arriving home, I found a package I had ordered arrived 3 days early. Things were just going great.

I may still be alone but increasingly I find appreciating the small things individually makes for a better day. Tomorrow I plan to open the windows and push back the blinds and clean my place while listening to my favorite music. When Monday comes I may start falling back into depression but that will be then. For now I will enjoy this momentary high with the simple goal of making myself happy.

I truly wished I could bring all of us in this group together for a weekend of just getting out of our routines and spend time in the sun. I think we could all use a vacation from whatever rut we have in our lives.
Greywulf Greywulf
41-45, M
May 5, 2012