Without A Family

My parents split for the first time right after my brother was born. I wasn't even two yet. I got thrown around between different family members in different states. My mom kept my brother as a way to keep my father coming back. When my parents got back together, I was three years old. My dad worked all the time. My mom took "business trips" which in reality was her flying to see her boyfriend that none of us knew about. My mom took my brother along and I was raised by my grandma. When I was 7, my parents split for good. My mom disowned me when I was 15. I moved in with my father full time. He still works all the time and I spend most nights on my own. He isn't supportive of me having friends or relationships cuz everything is going to cause trouble and will end up like him and my mother in his perspective. He said no one will ever be happy unless they're alone. He's not. He takes his girlfriend everywhere and leaves me alone. I get to the point it's hard to know myself anymore.
rockermomma rockermomma
May 6, 2012