Single, Lonely, Depressed And Screwed

Everyday thought of being single, lonely and left out is killing me from inside. All of my friends have left me. I don’t blame them for this because they are too busy in their professional and married life. I lost my best friends whom I used to talk to and shared my feelings and thought with. My family does not understand me either. My father acts like a teen ager, he behaves in childish way. My mother is too emotional and introvert. She only does what she thinks is right and nobody seem to listen me. Any way I am away from my family in another country. Here I have no close friends, all of them are time wasters. I cannot express my feeling to anyone. This loneliness and feeling of being left out has made me paranoid and brought me depression and other mental health problems. Since last more than one year I have been taking anti-depressants and seeing mental health support. But it does not seem to help either. I have also been suffering from severe sleep disorder and broken sleep. I don’t feel like doing anything. I have given up my interest in study and waiting to fail. Mood swings, depression and loneliness are killing me from inside. From time to time I had suicidal thoughts although I never tried to kill myself. Any advice to help me?
depressionist depressionist
May 12, 2012