Unable To Find Love

Im afraid that Im never going to find true love that I'll end up alone having no one to love and no one to love me. I grew up not having a father in my life, he was never really around and then my parents spilt up. I dont want to have to put my future children through something like that not having a dad. I makes life much harder. I feel not having had a dad around I find it harder to connect with guys because of that. I am always afraid to put myself out there. I have never had a boyfriend and Im almost 21 years old I always like guys that are either unavailable or we've been friends to long that they just rather be friends. They think I'm a great girl and that any guy would be lucky to have me or my boyfriend will be a really lucky guy, but if you think thats really true why dont they want to be that guy. I feel as though no guy will ever truly love me and I fear that I will always be alone and that my future kids will have to deal with a similar situation as I did.
babydolldancer babydolldancer
18-21, F
1 Response May 12, 2012

First off at your age do not talk about having kids to any boy you meet that will be a deal breaker for most boys your age. When you say you have never had a boyfriend do you mean that you have never been out on a date? You say that you have males that are friends of yours, have you ever tried to put a move on one of them or at lest given them a green light to make out with you? This may sound odd but I’ve notice that a lot of boys your age have not a clue as to how to get with a woman. They are all so into playing X-BOX that going out with a woman is really not part of their game. So my advice to you is to tell them that you like them and let nature take it’s course.