Dont Know..just Feeling Low

I dont know what is love and trust ..respect...sacrifice...she left me without saying anything...she left me because i loved her..she left me because she wants to secure her life...i came here left behind thousands of KM and relations and now i feel like i am cheated ...and u know what ? i can not even concentrate in my study ...job..i don't know ... there is no more love exits in this world can ppl do this ? suddenly she just invisible and hmm...i am the biggest fool in this world may be...
sayemsayem sayemsayem
26-30, M
2 Responses May 17, 2012

my choice...

It is not about being fool in this world..but people have choices. You chose the person who gave you pain.This does't mean life will end..I know what you thinking now "yes another person saying how life is beatiful while I feel low" believe me I also feel the same way; but as I said before its about choices. Choosing living with your past makes you unoptimistic,con not concentrate in your jobs and studies, and can't trust no one. I am totally with you I have been through every stage, but what can you do? it's your choice..