Invisable Love!

im really stuck right now! dont even know where to really start. so i guess i'll just start by saying that i hate the whole concept of love. love to me means anything anymore. i tryed so long too hard and never got anywhere. been played several times and still heard the words "but i love u". man plz! thats a bunch of b.s. im not seen or even noticed in the slightest notion. no matter how nice i dress i get compliments from everyone else but him! why? then he looks at everyone else but me! why? im stressed out and drained in each way possible and i dont really know how to make it stop. why? all cause of the stupidity of "LOVE"! im tired of this cycle that i run everyday. i want to have fun and live it up. not stay home and do nothing but watch t.v. and play video games. i want to be able to smile again, live again and breathe again. this man is taking all my oxygen away from me and its time to find a way to get it back! lifes too short but dam it sucks when ur significant other makes it even shorter than what it already might be to begin with. i dont like the same o same o...i like the spontaniousness of people and life. but it seems to me that maybe people arent like that anymore. idk! i know im not always right but i hate being the only one whos trying to make a difference. if love is real then it needs to show itself cause im really becoming a non beleiver when it comes to "LOVE"!
ladysaze ladysaze
18-21, F
May 17, 2012