How Can I Break Free Of This Overwhelming Sadness?


I am a single father of three kids. Two of them live with me, the baby lives with her mother. My first wife left me and my first two kids for dope. the second left me, and took my baby with her only three months after she was born. I spent over a year trying to work it out with her. but she met someone else, and now its over. I get my daughter every other week for a week. I am OK with her leaving me now. but i miss my baby all the time! it is so hard to look at my other two children's faces and not seeing my youngest too. im also a full time student, with a part time job. the hours are difficult, and i stay pretty busy all the time. i get a lot of help from my ex wife too. but she is bipolar, and often in a bad mood. despite all this, i feel very lonely.

 Im not even sure if i even know how to flirt anymore. but i miss so badly having someone there to care about, someone to care about me. I know i am important. My kids love me tons. I love them too. but that is not enough. 

I don't know, I feel overwhelmed, and under appreciated. 

i just wish i could forget about my woes and get back to my life, and my kids.


californiandaddy californiandaddy
1 Response May 22, 2012

Keep the faith Brother! You are a True Hero to your kids. Trying seeing a Dr. about getting on some Meds. Prozac helps me, but the downside is that you start to not feel anything at all. You can do it. God Bless you and your kids.