I Have Everything That I Would Need, But I'm Unhappy And Lonely.

This is hard for me to share.

I am a mid 40's married guy with 2 great kids and a dog. I have an exciting job, and I make a decent living. So why am I miserable.

I can't stand it anymore. Is this what my life is going to be?  I am a person who won't cheat, I am dedicated to the kids, but lately I've been wanting to run. I wonder if this will clear up my loneliness. I find run, will it make it worse.

I get up in the morning, and I feel like a robot that is pre programmed from the moment I set my feet by the bed, until I pull them back at night.

Any ideas?

Jack1331 Jack1331
3 Responses May 23, 2012

it sounds like the old mid life crisis... dam... i wish i had what you have...good job, family...im down in the dumps not having what you got... lol a chat with your wife and yer doctor professional opinion would do it...

happiness is appreciating what you have , not desiring what you don't . spend a day blind-folded and you'll appreciate your eyes . though do not wait until you lose what you have to appreciate it , what you need is gratitude , thank god every day for what he have given you , for the little things you take for granted , gratitude will give you peace and wealth . whether there might be issues with your spouse or not , there had been a reason you stuck with each other for that long ,Marital problems always exist for that people change and life changes ,don't be sad that things are not what they're used to be ,and don't let your mistakes or failures stop you from achieving happiness . block negativity from creeping in , you know life is good for you , open your eyes and see it .

Well, you don't say why you are lonely or depressed. I'm assuming it's your marriage, but without really knowing this, I can't give you ideas. You need to know the specific problem before you can solve it.