Caregiver And Desperate

I have been a caregiver to my sick husband for more than 20 years. I am blessed to have a lot of help, but I still can't travel anywhere overnight, and my son and my grandchildren moved several years ago.....I thought I would die. My husband is not in a place to be able to talk to me, and my few friends can't offer any support that helps. I guess I'm just writing this to vent. I'm really feeling the stress lately, and sometimes I just want to scream....or cry....or die. I feel my life is over,, mostly.....nothing to look forward to....
61-65, F
1 Response May 25, 2012

Venting is a good thing. you have done the honerable and noble act by standing by your husband through his illness. But your life is not over . Have you ever looked into joining any groups with others in the same situation you are in. DSaly thier are others in teh situation you are in. You need to make freinds or to see the ones you already have and get out once in a while. you do not have to do this alone. Plus if you ever want to talk to anyone. Let meknow will give you my email address.