What They Did'nt Say About The Road Less Traveled

a bit of a prologue...Life is a journey... Anyone who doesn't believe this is just not all there or severely sheltered...Well just saying... anyhoo my journey started when I was 26 (I'm 44now) I found out I was gonna have a baby. At the time I was as immature as they come and to be honest I don't think I've changed that much, but I ended up with full custody of a brand new baby girl.Her mother rejected her because of post par tum but I think it was just that she thought I love the baby more than I did her.I was not ready for the change in lifestyle,(single adult men do not like babies) anybody tells you different is telling you a story... all my friends abandoned me. you ladies let me tell you, we guys can be cads but you can be just as mean and cruel as any guy...My father told me to "man up and accept your fate". So I did... my daughters 17 now and getting ready for college,(we're trying for UNC FLORIDA and Wake Forest.)now I'm all alone and clueless just like when she was born now I don't know
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I want to applaud you for stepping up and taking responsibility for your daughter. I'm sure you did a wonderful job raising her. Take one day at a time, and start living for yourself.