My name is Corey. Im 22 from southern Maryland. Lately it seems the older I get the more down i feel. Much more so when I'm home. I shared a room with my 20 year old brother all my life who has been moved out to his girlfriends for 9 months. All my friends i grew up with pretty much are out of contact and i have been single for two years. A combination of these had me fall in with a bad crowd and i began doing drugs and heavily drinking which has only caused me legal trouble. This has me feeling more down when i think of it. I want to turn it around but i feel so alone.
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Dude, I feel you man. I know I'm supposed to say something cheery and happy to make you feel better, but I'm basically in the same boat. I have like, NO friends. I think I might have a total of 80 Facebook friends, none of whom I talk to. I'm broke, and so terribly, incredibly, RIDICULOUSLY, lonely.

Well If you take responsibility for the problems you face although it may hurt that will take a lot of the pressure off. Once the legal crap is out of the way you will feel so much better. It sounds like that is what you are attempting to do. <br />
Good for you!<br />
Next I agree contact some old friends that are on the right path. I don`t mean in a moral way I mean just in the direction you want to head.<br />
From those two things alone I think good things will start to come your way.<br />
Cliche I know but soar with the eagles don`y forage with the skunks!<br />
Or some **** like that!<br />
Believe me it works may take some time but it does work<br />
<br />
Good Luck!

Hi Corey. I'm so sorry you're going through hard times. It is hard when friends move away and you long for a close relationship with a friend or significant other. But...What about the Lord? Have you considered that God created you and He loves you? There is a Bible verse that says "Though my father and mother forsake me, the LORD will receive me." The Lord is near to you if you call on Him and He hears your prayers. I hope you will find new friends soon and turn your life around. Surrender your life to Jesus, and He will accept you as you are. Then He will take away your desire for drugs or alcohol, and fill you up with His love and peace. I'm going through hard things right now too, and Jesus is my #1 support... and He also provides me with friends and family to help too. I pray the same for you Corey, in His name.... many blessings to you =) It will be OK!

Have sent you a thing I will say to you here though is if it's at all possible - get back in touch with your old friends you had before you fell in with the bad really need support in your life right now and it sounds like you're going to have to actively go looking for it, the last thing you want to happen when you are feeling down and starting to feel worse is let yourself get into a position where you are isolated. Trust me. :)<br />
Take care.

Nice to see you are in a happier place these dats tooproud. Smile