I'm 66.
I'm an architect.
I arrived (with my son) in Israel ten years ago from Argentina.
I suffer from depression.
I am treated by a Psychiatrist.
I think that medicament do whatever they can do.
I'm lonely, almost extremely.
I don't find a way to overcome loneliness.
In the week ends, when I'm not working there is no sound around me.
That's is loneliness and absolute silence.
Once a day I receive one phone call from my son.
Besides this no other noise breaks the silence.
lambare lambare
66-70, M
4 Responses Sep 7, 2012

I know life changes. My life changes many times in my history, not always for good.
Your answer that being alone is not a good thing is too obvious. Because I know it I'm writing here.
I try to meet people, didn't succeed till now.

there is one thing i know and that is things change. your life does not stay the same. i think you need to start interacting with people more. sometimes being alone to much is not a good thing. you will feel happiness when you find a good friend, everyone needs somebody. start looking and dont stop until your happy. good luck p.s. you are not alone.

Thank you, I would be very grateful if we can continue in contact.


Hang in there, glad you're reaching out in some way for connection and support (on this site I mean). :)