No Good Comes My Way

i used to enjoy living but ever since my best friend betrayed me followed by my dad dying, i felt like i can no longer see sunshine. After my dad died, a lot of problems came along making me feel so helpless & unworthy. A lot of my colleagues tell me all the time that they envy my strength because after all the tragedies that happened in my life, i can still continue living. But they are all wrong. i'm fading out fast. i am crumbling inside. i cry almost everyday. even at the office i just weep & cry. it doesn't help that my boss hates me & i have no more close friends i could trust with my problems. i am single so no one cares at all. i have a mom but she too has been mourning so i do not want to talk to her & add more burdens. i am also struggling financially so i can't buy material stuffs to alleviate this loneliness. I am helpless & hopeless. i am thinking of ending it all. i have been planning for months. i cant say that it is the right thing to do but i can't handle the pain anymore. i just want it to stop.
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HI Windy99

Im a 45 year old woman, live in Arlington, TX and if you would like to email me to chat please feel free. I am sorry about your loss and the best friend on top of that. I know life such a hard damn hard thing to have to suffer through sometimes. I am also experiencing major sadness and lonely all the time but I am also full of empathy for others. I would be happy to chat with you, maybe we can get you back on your feet again. Do not end your life young lady. Just know in your heart that this will pass, it really does pass.... it may be a while and and it will probably seem like Hell getting to the other side of the tunnel but you will get there. if you want to chat email me at

By helping others sometimes we help ourselves.

Hey don't say that. Am pretty sure you will find a way out. I went trough some hard time as well last yr & thought life was over.. BUT... One yr later.... Am damn happy with so much going on in my life....

thanks. i just feel like everything gets worse & worse everyday

Keep in mind dear that where there's a will, there's a way.