I Don't Understand Why I Can't Meet People

I really don't. I was an abused child, I do have bipolar/manic depression, but it seems like there's just something else keeping people away, because obviously I don't advertise that and make it the first thing I tell someone new. I've tried socializing with people on campus, in class, in clubs, at work, I've tried joining online groups of things I'm interested in...and no one seems to want to talk to me-much less go on a date. The thing that confuses me the most is that people have always told me I'm at the least moderately attractive-I've simply just stopped believing them. I think, if that were true, that I'd have more luck in getting dates, or at the very least getting flirted with-by boys and girls (I'm bi)-wouldn't I? But...nothing. It's like I have three heads. I've tried god knows how many dating websites, and people just don't even bother to respond to my messages. I know there's the whole stigma of 'there's too many douche-y guys on there clogging up other peoples inboxes' but, you'd think that when someone like me, clean cut, supposedly attractive, and with common interests, actually sends a well written and thought out email, I'd get SOMETHING, right? Nope. I just...what ******* point is there to anything when no one wants anything to do with you? Sigh...I'm so sick of just going to work and class and coming home to an empty house with nothing to do but my solitary hobbies (and please dear gods whoever responds to this don't suggest going out to a bar...just don't). It feels like the entire human race is telling me I'm just not ******* good enough for anyone to give a rat's *** about. I really want to know what it is I'm doing that's keeping people away, because I really can't take being alone anymore...
gangl1234 gangl1234
Nov 28, 2012