Forever Alone

I am 20 years old with no friends and no relationship.
My dad left when I was 12 I find it hard to make friends because I fear abandonment. I push everyone away in relationships because I fear abandonment. I have had many friends who have walked in and out my life and I question if its something I do but it's not they meet new people and there lives move on they fall in love and have someone else to depend on. I have no one just me myself my mind and my reflection. My councillor says I suffer loneliness and I have thought many times about jumping infront of the train on the way to work.
This feeling goes away and then comes back harder than ever and now I'm struggling to cope I have no friends no partner I can't keep a relationship. I'm not controlling I'm laid back easy going and trust I don't know why no one wants to stay with me..
Bellaalone Bellaalone
18-21, F
1 Response Nov 30, 2012

aww honey :(
all i can say is i'm one friend you're not gonna get rid of :)
... just hope you can put up with me though hehe :P