I Feel Lonely But...

so i feel depressed, i feel lonely, i only live with my mother and i used to be happy but since i realize that everybody on my scool except me have a romantic relationship except me.

the depression start going deep inside my soul when i have a dream when i end up alone.

i'm trying not to think about that but is hard and every night i remember that nightmare and i feel so... so cold and sad, i wonder if this will go away, i don't have many friends and i hold huge grudge against the people who bother me when i was shy, may be thats the thing.

i feel like the others see me as a tool, rather than a friend, and at times i feel useless.

i just want to be happy again, i'm young but, i feel i will stay like this forever.

so, if anybody feels on this way or manage to came out of this, please give me an advice.

sorry for bad English
lost54 lost54
18-21, M
1 Response Dec 4, 2012

When you decide to change your life if you do, you will.

as i said, i used to be shy, don't you consider that the fact of been shy and now be a social person is a change of life?