What To Do Now ?

I just turned 40, I spent the last 12 years with a woman who decided to leave me last summer. My family life is almost non-existent, they live thousands of miles away, and barely talk. Her family took me in and helped me out. They're good people. But now I have no-one again. Her boy was entering 1st grade when I met her, her daughter was in diapers. We bought a house together. Over time we got behind on the Mortgage. When finances got really bad, she just decided to leave me. Her kids were not mine, they're dad was a druggie, in and out of Jail for a long time. He started to do a little better toward the end. I found out later that one week after she left me she moved him in. Now the kids have they're dad back, I don't want to hurt that. It's just not fair that I took them to school, and paid the bills, and cooked dinner, and now none of them even talk to me. Her boy was graduating High School when she was packing her things. I got to watch them grow, help them with they're homework, teach them to ride a bike, and now they all just moved on as if I never existed. It's been almost a year now, I still can't even think of anything else. About 3 years into our relationship, I was out of work and needed a job, her brother taught me the trade I'm in now, Electrician, and for years after I worked with her brother and her Dad. I can't even go to work without thinking about them. The situation in not fixable, it's just sad and unfair, and now I have to start over. It hurts so bad ...
Justaguywhossad Justaguywhossad
Jan 12, 2013