Depression Help?!

Well im 15 and I,ve been feeling depressed because i noticed that i really dont have many relatives and friends and feel empty because i never hang out and when i go out is just with my mom... I feel so sad to not have many people in my life and can never get off my mind how lonely i am and at school its hard to concentrate im usually crying im lowering my gradess!.. I hang out with a couple at girls at school who in some classes go with other girls and feel like i need to follow them so i wont be alone and i dont like following them because im really not use to that since i never really follow friends .. Im in high school freshman and in the start of second semester btw , oh and i dont even havep a phone because i dont have anyone i would talk to..ive told my grandma and mom about this and told them i need physicology, but do guys think physicology will help me? Ohh and im also trying to join a sport after school to keep my mind of bad thought and try to meet new people but i am kind of scared i will not meet alot of people and stay alone forever?
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2 Responses Jan 13, 2013

Im the exact same way. If you ever need a friend Feel free to talk to me.

I'm that way to so talk to me