I feel completely empty on the inside. I just want to fall asleep forever. Or die. There's so many ways I could do it. I've never felt so alone. I feel that no one cares about me and whether I live or die. I know that my parents care for me and love me. But I want someone that will care about me that isnt obligated like a blood relative or parent. I want sOmeone to care about me and be there for me. I don't know what to do with myself.
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I know what you are going through I am 19. I moved so much during school and lost my friends 4 times. I had to give up my pets my best friend who was like a brother to me. my parents split up when I was very little and my dad got remarried and my new mom (stepmom) she was just a rude lady... so I know how you are feeling INSIDE its hurts. your only in 10th grade you have so much time to make good friends. keep a smile on your face and try talking to some random good people..... I am here for you:) if you ever need to talk:) you can send me a message on my profile or johnjay224@yahoo.com really you can be my pen pal...

Does anyone know you feel this way? You are young it sounds. What do you do for fun? I am sorry you feel your parents are enough right now. They love you so much and would just die if anything happened to you. Please let them know how sad you are.

They do know.

I went through that too only i didnt have parents. They both abandoned me to foster care. I just didnt want to live. But I did make it and have lived for quite awhile now. I know this probably wont help but someday your Mr right will meet you and you will be ready. I can tell you as a parent that I dont love my kids out of obligation......... its very real to me and I would die for them. . So try hard to not be so hard on your loved ones and being so sad. Keep yourself busy. Focus your mind in another direction. Do you know why you feel so empty and alone?

My parents made me transfer schools and i don't have any friends there.and the friends i had at my old school stopped talking to me.the only person i could really talk to, my grandma, died in march

Ok I got it. Yes transfering schools and losing our friends. thats difficult. You must be very brave now. It will be hard filling up those spaces in your brain that were once devoted to your previous friends. What grade are you in? In time you will find one friend and then another. Maybe in one of your classes or a neighbor. It will happen. I am sorry about your Grandma. Do you have a hobby until a friend is made?

I'm a sophomore. 10th grade. I dont have a hobby. Im not good at sports. And I tried the theater program they offer but I wasn't interested

I know you are a smart person. Do you like art? Art helped me thru many tough times.

I love art but they don't offer it for my grade at my school

Do you scrapbook? You can document how you feel on those pages and soon things will begin to change.

Yeah I might try that

Great and its really fun too. Pick out some great photos and get some papers and write up summary's of feelings.

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