How Come?

I sit at home by myself and think is it me? am I causing people to flee? I lay here and all I think is I want a girl to hold so I can feel normal. I see all these people with theirs partner and I thing how did they get that?I'm normal aren't i? Don't I deserve to be happy? I feel like I'm all alone in this world.I'm not lonely cause I want sex I'm lonely cause I ache for love and the feeling of being needed. I cry when I'm alone and I hate it nothing I do or tell myself helps it is just a deep painful feeling that I can't shake and I hate being home or alone now.I need and want help but I always figure what's the point there is no helping me I'm lonely and always will be. Sure I'm only 20 but I truly need someone to make me feel needed and loved and not alone in this world...
allalone1992 allalone1992
Jan 18, 2013