I Don't Know Why

I'm a boy and I feel really sad and lonely because I don't have ab best friend I have a lots of friends but they have their own friends to do stuff with and every day at school I'm sitting lonely on the chair all the day long people like me they think I'm a nice guy but I'm from another country and this is a new school for me, new friends, but my problem is I don't have a friend, a person that I can talk with, a person that I can play or laugh with, I had one in my country but here... I just I don't know

Blackshadows Blackshadows
3 Responses Jan 23, 2013

hi i m looking for a best frined to just for a good frined with whom we can share

Hello and welcome!! Where is your home country? Truth be told, your story is not that uncommon from many people who transfer to a new school. In your case it's a bit more difficult because you're in a new country with a new culture. The only words of wisdom I have is that I think people are afraid to speak up and say hello and really embrace a new face. These people you go to school with, they may be nervous to take you on as a friend, introduce you to their group of friends, or invite you out with them. My advice to you is just get more involved. Sign up for any clubs or activities that interest you. The more people you come in contact with the better your chances are of finding that one special friend. You may have to take the initiative and ask to join a group rather than wait to be invited. This can be scary, I know. It does take a bit of confidence, but if you believe in yourself others will too. Good luck!

Sounds rough. It's not always easy to get close to people, especially when you're in a new place. And it sucks to not have anyone that you can be really close to.