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He Always Leaves, And I Dont Know What Im Doing Wrong....

I'm 15 n have been depressed for a year and a half. My boyfriend has helped me a lot through the past year. I have a history of burning myself and now every time I say I feel like burning myself he falls asleep or "falls asleep" I don't know which one cause I'm not there. Today I said I wanted to burn, then I started apologizing for ruining the perfect day we just had then he... stopped answering, it was 9:50 when I got his last text and I waited for a while, and never got another one... I've apologized SO many times for being depressed, and I keep telling him that if hes not happy he CAN leave, I mention that if he does leave I'll be okay even though if he leaves I'll get worse. I just want him to be happy. What can I do?
KristenRS KristenRS 13-15, F 2 Responses Feb 4, 2013

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don't make him happy, if he is bored because of you well... thats not love, find someone worthy of you and why i get the feeling he is older than you?

First....he needs to be need him the most right now.

When you feel like burning he prob doesn't know what to say or how to deal with he "falls asleep"
The thing is....he really doesn't have to say your BF he should just be there for you.....and hold you when you need him.

Talk to him bout that....he needs to be understanding with what your going thru....and most importantly....YOU need to be happy.

If you needs someone to talk can msg me :-)

Thank you. :)

Anytimez :-)...and if he "falls asleep" again just kick him in the "twigs and berries"....that'll wake him up!! :-p

damn that answer is way better than my, nice