Ever felt where your parents don't understand when u tell them ur lonely,especially when ur the only child living with a single mother? It went bad today, when i came home late after my Cocuriculum activities...mum was complaining n told me not to stayback again! I said ive no choice cuz my fren sent me home so her granpa had too send her sister to tuition 1st. Then, had a really emotional talk with her, i told her that its better to be with my frens rather than staying in the room not talking to anyone,ryte? She ask me to read my books, whats there to read?? All my storybooks r done..plus i read my textbook at school everyday...Why cant they understand....
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1 Response Feb 7, 2013

i'm also living with a single mom and she understands me, the trouble you have, she overprotects you wich is natural, if you're going to be outgoing do it little by little so she get use to it