Always Left Out...

I am an acting student in London at college and to be honest I have not made any friends at all.
I always get left out... Nobody understands me... I try and make everybody happy but still they do not care about me

Today I had to do a singing assessment. I did a duet with this guy, we had no rehearsal time in class what so ever. I was STILL confident though, I wanted to get out my comfort zone.

But as I got on stage and started singing people were whispering things probably about me and I started to forget my lines so we stopped singing.
The guy who I was doing a duet with embarrased me and said "She does not know the lines" in a horrible way.

My teacher was saying it was fine and I can do it again but I just wanted to cry.
This other girl who was nervous and stuttered a bit on her lines got supported by the class and they were all trying to comfort her. But when I did it, no help. They all clapped and cheered her when she finished even though you could not even hear her sing.
They all helped this other girl who forgot her lines and sang along.
I was ignored.
Not a shoulder to cry on... Since then a little bit of me died inside.
I do singing lessons but I am just a beginner.

I have no one to talk to...
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4 Responses Feb 7, 2013

Dragondude102 is kinda right, when i was shy i decide to act as i don't give a crap and i get what i can call true friends, do that, trust yourself, they're just trying to mock you show them how strong you are and they'll regret it.

One of my favorite people in the world zack Thames his philosophy is **** don't give a ****. If you we're somehow put on the other side of the planet you should be able to start over and survive , make new friends at that what he says.

I am sorry this is happening to you. I know that feeling of little part dying inside. Keep reaching out to people- online or off. Good luck to you.

I'ff you want to talk with somebody you can pm me for my email :).