So Every Storm Runs Out Of Rain (Ya Right)

so apperntly every storm runs out of rain not the one im going though, i have been stuck in this storm since i can not remember when. ( a hell of a long time) all my glory always gets taken away from we my ps3, network, my only jobs i like (horse job) my old gf and a whole lot more i have never had a single friend. im stuck in cold weather snow 9 months of the year and dark short days i ethier need to end my life or move witch i have no $ so i can not move i do not have the guts to kill my self with out a gun again no money to get one gun and a bullet. im f*cking stuck in my parents (witch they controll my $ from aish) basement and doing there chores, i need a gun loaded or a truck to drive out of this f*ucking $hit hole. I NEED HELP BAD
ethanje ethanje
22-25, M
Feb 7, 2013