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I'm really shy and quiet person since ever. I don't talk a lot. My classmates described me as shy and quiet. I just stay at home,i don't know how to talk to people face to face,i tend to hide my true feelings,i'm NOT sociable..that's why i'm here cause i feel more comfortable expressing my feelings and thoughts

My parents encourage me to get a life and get some friends,but i can't..i don't how. I have mixed feelings now,i'm lonely,depressed,angry and confused. I feel so alone,i always cry at night cause that's the only way i can let the sadness & pain out (if i can). I am so sick and tired of feeling like this. I wish i had someone who i can share my feelings with,who's a crying shoulder. But there's no one. I always want to scream but i can't. I sometimes feeling suicidal but i can't do it.

I am sooo depressed and i envy the people who have the opposite situation and i envy the people who have someone who's always be there for them.
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I know what your going through, In fact im just barley getting through it after mucking around in it for 20 long years and the best way out of it and I know people don't want to here this. Is to kick yourself into gear and move forward. Don't sit still to much cause you'll start to think and get depressed (I was a pro at this and still am) and even if it kills you start making friends or at least attempt to. Never think negative and if you do fight the urge to. Eventually everything will work itself out as long as you maintain willpower. Its a long, painful and often lonely road. Im still trudging it so just know its a road your not alone on.

dude you're my past, seeing you're my past anwser me this if you want my aid, does anybody ever try to talk to you trying to be a friend of yours?

no one does that i know of id love some aid

listen you have to trust on your self, if you screwed, laugh don't feel ashemed, try to take the head on thought situations that other persons don't take, show you're alone because you want it( even if is not true) and when you get confidence your status will change and i bet some girls will get to you yeah girls, guys don't give a crap on taking a lonely out of lonelyness there are few who'll do it (like me)

thanks for the advice thats what i try and its very hard to do.

yeah but is posible, i also believe i was lost and now the only thing i haven't found is a girl who loves the same way i do

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