I Thought About Some Thing Get Me Out My Lonelyness

Go and get animal.
And then I would not be lonely in more.
And that is what i am going to do .
To get me out of lonelyness.
And have fun when it does things .
And have to say get out of that and laught.
And that is what I am doing in the April,
So that is what i am do.

Ladypanda Ladypanda
51-55, F
2 Responses Feb 8, 2013

I think a pet would be a wonderful step. They do provide comfort, companionship and boundless love. Good luck in finding one that touches your heart.

I wanted one in the house.
and thank you for write to me

You are very welcome. I look forward to seeing more writings from you.

having a pet is a good way to forget loonliness, actually i have a cat that is hell lazy, yeah good idea

thank you for write to me