So, I started at a new school this year and I like it there enough but I have no true friends just mere aquantinces I guess. I'm one of the popular guys I talk to pretty much everyone. I crack jokes I make people laugh, sometimes I laugh the loudest. If you saw me at school you would probably think that I was the happiest guy in the world with a ton of friends, people to hang out with, places to go, etc. But that's not the case I spend my weekends secluded in my room alone the last time I did something with someone was in December and now the guy won't even talk to me even though he used to be my best friend from my old school. My phone never rings, I never get texts from anyone and I don't get invited to things. I was popular at my old school too but I never hear from any of my old friends. I often wonder why I'm so alone and why I haven't got any friends. I dont want basketball season to end because when it does I won't be able to see many of my teammates because I don't have any classes with them at school and I don't see them in the hallways. Sometimes I find myself wishing to fall asleep and never wake up.
Stephen0 Stephen0
Feb 9, 2013