I Can'T Wait Anymore....

When will be my last day in this world?I hoping so much!!!!Sometimes really make me wonder whose da creator create us?Whats da purpose?If without purpose for what already create us?I can't believe life is a karma what I had done at my past life?What I have to learn in this life lesson?Omg ....why loss them this way?😭I so hate myself!!!
zumii zumii
31-35, F
1 Response Aug 26, 2013

It is true. The life you're inhabiting now is a result of your karma in the past lives. But hey! At least you're aware now! And can try and minimize as much karma debt as possible! And as for the creator? The source? Well... He dwells within you! What happens next is ultimately up too you. See everything as an expression of the Divine.